The 405 is closed this weekend

News Flash:   405 to reopen early Sunday at 11.

Everybody  to the beach!

Live photo here

Starting Friday the 15th of July, late evening, do not go near the 405.

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard.

Going South they will put you off at the 101.  Going north you will just sit there until they reopen it sometime the next week.

So get out early or stay home the weekend of the 16-17th July.  Closure starts Friday 15 July, 10 PM.

I plan to try to set a record as being the last car to get through before the road closes.  Will have to time it just right.  Still waiting on a call back from the record book people.  Also on Saturday I plan to operate a roadside taco stand to feed all the people stuck on the freeway and make a killing in taco money.  That is if FEMA does not show up.




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