Joe with Troop 42, Eagle Ceremony

Joe was awarded the rank of Eagle this weekend by Troop 42, White Lake, Michigan.

Joe and Mr. Mike McCoy June 2011

In Troop 42 the boys cook and invite the adult leaders as guests for meals.  Fuel is wood or charcoal, no gas stoves except for back packing.  On night hikes we hike by natural light only.  Flashlights stay in pockets for emergency use only.  No bright lights in camp, old fashioned oil lamps and firelight only.  Fires are not for warmth, we dress correctly to stay warm.  No cotton clothes in cold weather.  The boys cleanup the campsites and leave it cleaner than they found it.  Fires are put out with copious amounts of water, ashes are stirred then drowned again.  And on weekend camp-outs, every Sunday about 10,  we have church.  This is the program that Joe could not get enough of.

Eagle Project 2010

Joe with his sherpa at Philmont

Winter Camping Jan 2007 Lost Lake

Jan 2007 Dog Sled Camp

Cooking two turkeys out doors Nov 2006


Construction Lost Lake 2005


Building a new shower house at Lost Lake



Feb 2005 Gizmo Camp


Great Wolf Lodge 2004


Patrol box, Eagle Patrol 2004


June 2004

Note fire buckets by all tents.

2004 Pat Cavanaugh and Joe at a weekend camp

Climb Kalamazoo 2004


Loading the trailer, summer camp 2004

Note:  Packs are larger and heavier than boys.

2003 Silversides Campout Cub Scouts

2002 Family Camp Lost Lake


2001 Cub/Parent Weekend Lost Lake

Selling Popcorn 2000


1999 Pack 175

1999 Tiger Cubs


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