Joe selling the Catyak


Joe is selling the old Catyak.  Great boat for kids to learn on.  Will not capsize.  Hull is made of a tough polymer material much more durable than fibreglass.

Does not point well.  In heavy weather it needs more rudder.  It now has a new mostly white sail (white with red and blue trim), original CATYAK sail.  Also has a Harken block on it.  I think the orange sail is still with it.  May have an additional white sail still in the package to sell separately.

Watch out for the dock!



CATYAK on wheels






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  1. Alex Kaiser says:

    This is random, but I’ve been looking to buy an old catyak. I was searching for catyak and happened to find one of these pictures that I recognized from finding the craigslist posting separately a few weeks back. Anyways, I’ve had no luck in getting a response from the email attached to the craigslist posting, so I was wondering if you could help me out? Is the catyak still for sale by chance? If so, when could I get it? I have a place on Devils Lake near Adrian, MI but could probably come and pick it up on a weekend.


    • admin says:


      Sadly the Catyak was sold last week when Joe was in Michigan. I guess there was a lot of interest. It went for $180 with the new sail and a Harken block.

      Keep trying. I bought the Flying Scot On Ebay sight unseen and had a great few years sailing her. Had to sell that one also when we relocated to Los Angeles.

      Both boats went to Dads trying to teach the kids to sail.

      Here is a tip for you. Call Ken over at MSU sailing club on Lake Lansing. For not very much money you can join that club and use their boats. They have a great assortment of boats.


  2. Ben Lobaugh says:

    Hello there! Do you happen to know of any other catyaks for sale? I have been scouring the internet and not found a single one yet 🙁

    • admin says:

      Catyaks have not been manufactured for many years. I do know that a Scout CAMP, Lost LAKE Scout camp in Michigan had a pretty big fleet of them and that camp is now closed. No idea if they would sell them or not. Contact the boy scouts in Detroit. D

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