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View from the hill, Grimes Lake, Near Munising Michigan 1979


YCC Crew 5, Munising Michigan, Camp Muddy and Grimes, summer 1979





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  1. Jennifer m Giznsky Liford says:

    Hi my name is Jenny Giznsky! I live in Monroe Mi, I spent the summer of 79 in YCC at camp Muddy and Grimes Duanne Lula was the ranger that sighted my certificate! I so hope someone recognizes my name or year! Used to hang with schmitty and Esther haha! Plz contact me back plz!!! Best time of my life!!

  2. Jennifer m Giznsky Liford says:

    I was in YCC in the summer of 79 under Duanne Lula! Anyone who went that year plz contact me!! Best time of my life! Would love to talk to u guys!!

  3. Jennifer m Giznsky Liford says:

    I was at Camo Muddy and Grimes in 1979! I can’t remember my crew number but I think my counselors name was Cheryl! Duanne Lula was the ranger that signed my certificate! Would love to talk with some of u guys! My name then was Jenny Giznsjy! I used to hang with snitty and Esthet!

  4. Richard Highland says:

    I was at YCC-Sugar Grove the summer of ’78 and YL’79. The director was Thurman Harp. We had a 20-20 ratio girls and guys lived in canvas tents. Really great days, in a world all our own. I still keep in touch with a few friends from then. Hungry Mother State Park-YCC is still going as are a few others here in Virginia. Drop me a note. Peace, Richard

  5. Todd O'Grady says:

    I was in YCC at Muddy and Grimes in 79. I remember our team leader was Cathy Siderlet(?) I have lots of great pics. Todd O’Grady

  6. Lisa says:

    If any of you are on Facebook, please go to the page called Youth Conservation Corps 1970’s-1980 and let’s see you there.

  7. Denise kulesza says:

    I was in Y CC summer of 78 anybody out there remember that Tom Kruger was our forest ranger

  8. Sherri Emmerling says:

    I was at Camp Muddy Grimes the summer of 1979. I’m now living in Arkansas.

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