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Some things can still be found that are made in the USA.  It would be an interesting experiment to create a home with only genuine made in USA stuff.  I might do that some day.

Don’t settle for cheap Chinese crap.  Check the tag, don’t give up.  So many times we will be out shopping and she is asking me which one I like, looking at the tags, all made in China.  Like none of them, keep shopping.  It is out there, use the internet.

I use and recommend the below brands and products.  Adding more as I discover or remember them.

But first, here are a few links from my friends:

From Paul

From Richard


NRA Made in USA page here

And this from twitter

Now,  my list….

Made in USA reproduction civil war brass belt buckles and belts

EZE-LAP Boy Scouts diamond sharpening tool:

Estwing Hammer:

Fisher Space Pen:


Flambeau Patio Garden  Bev found one at Tuesday Morning for $19.99.


Flying Scot Sailboats:

Ford Escape:

GC Electronics nibbling tool:

General Pencil:

Global Sun Oven:

Henschel Hats: *Check back of label for made in China.  Some reports of mischief.

Homer Laughlin China: (We have the fiesta dishes.)

Igloo Coolers:

KitchenAid Stand Mixer:

Klein Tools Crimper:

Leatherman tools:

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware:

Mag Lite:

Mossberg Shotguns:

This is the one I have:

Nalgene Water Bottles:

New Balance Shoes:

and here, less expensive:


Plato dykes:  Very sharp and pointed,  fav tool

Red Flyer Wagon:

Silly Putty:

Sleep Number Bed:


Step 2 toys:

Thorlos Socks:

Tigertronics Signalink USB:

Websites with a Made in USA theme:

Caution:  Loud

5 Responses to Made in USA

  1. Joe Consumer says:

    Some Henschel hats are “Made in the USA” and some are “Made in China”. I just ordered two different styles through a major online retailer and was shocked to find that one of the Henschels was “Made in China”. Not only that but the “Made in China” label was on the back of another label that was behind the “Henschel USA” label. Henschel are phonies, don’t fall for their “Made in USA” nonsense.

    • admin says:

      Good to know Joe. I have had to send back mislabeled items. Just not right to claim make in USA and then send cheap Chinese crap.

  2. John says:

    I had the same problem. I just sent back a Henschel Raffia hat to
    Their website says made in USA, but thanks to another customer review, I discovered a small “made in China” label hiding behind the prominent Henschel USA label. I just emailed Henschel to ask them to explain.

    In the meantime, I ordered an identical hat from Shady Brady.

  3. Several good points in this article and seriously didnt have a clue about any of
    this before so with thanks for the knowledge

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