What is Indiana like?

We are now Hoosiers,  Indiana is great.

The traffic is light but slow.   Everyone is overly friendly and they call us Hun, or Darlin.   The land is flat and mostly planted with corn.

The rent is about half of what it costs in Los Angeles.   Gas is about a dollar a gallon cheaper.

To buy a watermelon,  you stop at this big barn like structure along the road to work (31).   There is no one around so you pick out a nice big one from the table there. The sign says $5,  you find a 5 in your wallet.   Another sign directs you to push the money through the slot so it falls into the barn on the other side of the wall.   (It is just a slot,  not like a vending machine that would grab the bill and pull it).

It is getting cold here.  A couple mornings there has been a little frost on the car.

We have neighbors on each side.  One has waved to me and the other stopped to talk to me and introduce himself.

Indiana is much like home.  Only about 5 hours further south.



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  1. Joe says:

    I expect to see that barn when I come to visit it sounds fun 🙂

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