California Ballot Proposals 2012

There are two proposals on the ballot for tomorrow.

Prop 29,  the tobacco tax, pretends to take money from evil smokers to help them by spending the money on curing cancer.   Big tobacco is spending millions to defeat it.   For myself,  the issues are bigger government and higher taxes.  Does not matter what is being taxed.  NO ON 29.

Prop 28 pretends to REDUCE the time that career politicians can spend in office.   In fact it INCREASES the time they can spend in the SAME OFFICE.  At present,  they have to win a DIFFERENT OFFICE in the other house to reach 14 years.  If this passes they can do all of 12 years in the same office or house.   Those guys are so sneaky.   NO ON 28.

Almost always the safe thing to do is vote no on proposals.   Always big money and sneaky people behind them.


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