What is California like?

There are two things that stand out in California at the present time, traffic and the costs.

People say,  we pay for the good weather in increased costs.    The weather is always dry and sunny.   Sometimes too warm.   Always need air conditioning.   The saving grace of California is the good weather.

The traffic is nuts.  When driving at rush hour,  in the big city,  trying to pull out onto a busy road,  that is what it is like, in the middle of the night, in the parking lot of a closed business anywhere in California.   Matters not where you drive,  or when you drive. The traffic is always way beyond bad.   Get in the car at the grocery store, way out in the back 40, get ready to pull out, here comes a car…unbelievable.

The cost of everything is about double, or worse.  Rent is double. Car insurance is more than double.  Gas is $1 a gallon higher than the rest of the country.    Taxes are among the highest of all the states.

The only thing where the costs are lower is college.   College costs here are subsidized by the state so they remain low,  hence the sky high taxes.  They get ya one way or the other.

I think I could put up with quite a bit of weather for a break in rent and taxes.





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