BANNED! from Above Top Secret

There used to be a kind of activity where using dialup one would connect, to an electronic bulletin board and post news and responses to news.  The modern bulletin boards are sites like .

I did get interested and spend some time,  maybe too much time posting there.  Looking at my own blog it looks as if I was absent from November 2011 to now,  and that is mostly where I was.

It is fun and maybe addictive.  They have these moderators that will police the place, they remove posts, even ban members from posting for various violations of the rules.  The rules are all written down but there are so many, and subject to interpretation it is pretty much impossible to post very much without breaking a few rules.  There were even posts that were removed because they linked to a site that was unfriendly to ATS.  And also the posts that are removed, are removed.  No one can benefit from seeing what not to do,  because they remove the whole post and put up a big label indicating the kind of sin that was committed.

Really it is just the same stories over and over.  Nibiru and Obama.  Blurry photos of aliens.  The best posts are when people write about their own personal issues or experience and we get to comment, offer help or advice.

I was eventually banned from posting for making fun of the moderators. So I guess I will start posting back at my own website and they will have to create content without me.  Wifey thinks I was spending too much time there any way.

Leo Laporte  always says everyone should have their own website. Where they have control over the content.  This is true,  you never know where someone else will take your stuff on their site.

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