Circuit Simulator for Linux Qucs

Continuing to adapt and overcome using Linux rather than windows the free circuit simulator that goes with is called Qucs.  Using it is fairly easy,  seems just like the more common and expensive windows based simulators.  Here is a screen shot.

Qucs circuit simulator

Remembering the windows based programs they usually had some kind of limitation such as only a certain few number of elements or even not including very common components unless you buy additional component libraries at additional cost.

Results page also shows available sources

This one has all kinds of components with it, IR power components, opamps, 1N diodes, 2N transistors, all kinds of sources, filters, everything!

And Qucs is FREE.  Yup, free.  It’s cool, try it.

One way to get it is to install a linux program such as Ubuntu (again free).  Ubuntu can be found here


Once you have Ubuntu up and running visit the applications store and search for circuit simulators or Qucs.  Select and install,  easy squeezy.



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