Escape Eats Tires

Replaced the original tires on the Ford Escape.  Searching the internet it is obvious that they have a design issue but no one at Ford will acknowledge the problem.  So I am writing what I know about it here in hopes it will be easy to find.

My experience is this, the Continental tires are NOISY,  and wear unevenly.  The Michelin tires seem to be the fix.  Also important to rotate them with every oil change,  does not help with the original Continentals though.

Our 2010 Escape has Michelin Cross Terrain tires on it, original from the factory and they have been good tires.  Last week, Ford put  new Michelin Latitudes on the 2008 Escape.  They are soooooo quiet.  What a  difference.  If you have the old Continental tires get rid of them and buy Michelin.

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  1. Tony Delamont says:

    Thanks for the info. The Continentals are loud, but glad to know it’s the tires and not the car that has the flaw. Just put two brand new Kellys on the back, so I’ll rotate them up front next oil change. Maybe then I won’t have to blare the radio to drown out the road noise. I’ve read that uneven tire wear was an issue on some Escapes. Of course, Ford would never admit it, as it is too easy to call it “normal” wear and tear.

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