Casey Anthony Trial

The not guilty verdict is disturbing on so many levels.  But it really seems to say volumes about the intellectual condition of our people.  People, the reason for a jury to to make sure we do the right thing.  Use your common sense.

Scott Adams is right,  “People are idiots”.  And  “never underestimate the stupidity of the general public”.

Here is what I think.

The little girl was killed, obviously.

Mom, was responsible for the little girl and keeping her safe.  She should have been found at least guilty of manslaughter.

No proof she did it you say?

Well, she never reported the girl missing and actually made up lies to explain the girls absence for a month!  The only reason to lie about something like that was either she did it, or was protecting someone else who did it.  If she was protecting someone,  let her take the rap if she does not want to tell what really happened.

How the girl died does not matter.  Say it was an accident.  That is still manslaughter when parents are negligent.  Does not matter if it was a unlocked pool gate or an unlocked gun.  She had duct tape over her mouth,  does that sound like an accident?  Or does that sound like mom drugged her to keep her quiet while she went out?  And the drugs were too much and killed her, by accident.  The difference between accident and intentional is the difference between murder and manslaughter.  Who does not know that?

We throw the book at people who have done little or nothing wrong and let the murderers go free.  What would happen if we put all the NOT-guilty people in jail and let all the murderers go free.  Exactly what is happening now.  The US is the worlds leading jailer just behind Russia and South Africa.  And yet,  the serious crimes go unpunished.  Look it up,  look at the statistics,  percentage of people, percentage in prison or on parole or probation.

Are the really bad guys too dangerous to go after?  Cops all trying to live to retirement?  Much safer to bust good citizens and put them on probation to shake them down every month?  This is an ugly trend.



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